Poly Engineering is a pure Renewable Energy Consulting Service provider. 
Where you will get all the advise based on Engineering concept and technical data analysis.We only provide advice after analysing the technical data for the purchase of a solar system.

” The choice is yours, Advise is ours.”

Poly Engineering (PE)offers renewable energy consulting services to a wide range of customers. It provides services in a number of areas, including the design and operation of renewable energy investments.Poly Engineering (PE) has reliable and unbiased advice on a broad customer base in wind, solar, hydro, heat and biomass.

Our academically-based renewable energy consultants are collaborating with engineers, analysts, environmental experts and project managers to overcome the most complex and challenging problems that may arise in projects.

It provides consultancy services for the project from pre-feasibility to full implementation. In this respect, it is possible to reduce the risks associated with renewable energy from the first day.

It also provides consultancy services on cost reduction options that can be applied in renewable energy projects.

Poly Engineering (PE)’s renewable energy technologies include: 1. Wind Energy Power Plants. 2. Solar Thermal Energy Systems. 3. Photovoltaic Systems. 4. Hydroelectric Power Plants. 5. Geothermal. 6. Biomass Thermal and Electricity Production Systems. 7. Biogas Production Systems.