Poly Engineering Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian company established in 2018. We are carrying out Electrical, Electronics and Electromechanical consultancy, works and its related activities in the field of power generation from renewable energy, industrial plant support by reducing energy demand from ordinary power sources, all kinds of electric and electronics goods, solar system design and installation by CEC accredited designer and installer and other renewable energy related facilities in Australia. PE has professional expertise in all industrial and energy related electromechanical discipline in the field of Power generation. All the projects undertaken by PE are executed on a “task force” basis with its high quality and expert management and a workforce dedicated to their work. Through its rich resources coupled with the financial strength, effective operating system, extensive experience in the field of construction and engineering. PE recognizes any challenge posed by new projects regardless of the size or complexity of the project with its commitment to competitive prices and compliance to all quality standards.