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Electrical testing and tagging.

We have experienced and qualified Team for Electrical testing and tagging to assist your business need at an affordable cost. Please send your query in details to our experienced team via email to further assist you.

Legislation for testing and tagging:The examination, testing and labeling of electrical gear situated in an unfriendly domain has turned out to be required. For hardware in a non-unfriendly condition, an archived hazard evaluation is relevant as the base necessity. Standard RCD (remaining flow gadget) testing is currently compulsory for circuits with convenient electrical hardware or where the attachment outlets are in an antagonistic working condition.

Testing Procedures:

Following a visual assessment of the thing (and relying upon what class the electrical thing is), a blend of the accompanying electrical tests are completed:

1.Earth continuity/resistance.

2.Insulation resistance.

3.Current leakage.


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